BIODENT is a sugar free chewing gum. One of the main missions of BIODENT is attempting to challenge the gum market to present products that support Dental Hygiene and to assist consumers for the best choice. BIODENT was awarded the Health Insignia after passing different qualitative examinations and ingredient adjustment with medical standards within a year

Nature Dent is a company brand that works specially on natural products and its social responsibility is conservation of nature and donating healthy life to people all over the world.

The solution it provides is inspired by the constant desire to improve the life of people by making it more healthy and tasty. The products under Nature Dent are free from any artificial flavors and colors and aspartame to give you more health.

​رينكس هي علكة مميزة بنكهتها الطبيعية، تأتي بأربع نكهات: نعنع، قرفة، فريز، وموز

A cotton candy bubble gum, tutti fruitti flavored.

ACTION is based to emphasize on three basic principles of Energy, Excitement and Dynamism & its social responsibility is in the field of sports & athletic activities of youth community.